Skullcandy headphones

Skullcandy – the Story

In January of 2003 Skullcandy was born in Park City, Utah. With the slogan “Adrenaline for your skull” we launched a line of headphones and audio products inspired by the lifestyle of snowboarders, skateboarders, surfers and other extreme sports. Besides being true to the soul of boarders and extreme sports we have also made major collaborations and OEM products with integrated sound solutions. A few of our OEM partners are Rip Curl, Neff, Sessions, Dragon, Von Zipper and Emporio Armani. In 2007 we proudly were apart of making the Rip Curl 20th anniversary jacket.

The Activities
Besides making the most outstanding line of designer headphones, we also do a lot of events and have a highly respected roster of team riders and artists supporting our brand. Among them are Terje Haakonsen, Mark Frank Montoya, Aaron Bittner, TJ Schiller, Andy Mahre, Steve Caballero, Rune Glifberg, Christian Hosoi, Corey Duffel, Paul Basagoitia, Jeff Lenosky, Clinton Sparks, Johnny “juice” Rosado, Knucklz and many, many more!

The Future
In 2008 we are celebrating the 5th birthday of Skullcandy by launching the biggest line of products we’ve ever done. With 6 new products and an enormous amount of new colours on our existing line of exceptional headphones. 2008 is going to be a huge year for Skullcandy and all that we stand for.

Some of the biggest news in our line of Headphones is the Double Agent. A cordless headphone with built in SD-card slot to play your music from. With one-hour charge you will have five hours of listening on this set. Also you can off course plug it in to any 3.5mm socket with the cord that is included with the headphone.

Another awesome product we present this year is the Pipe Audio Dock. This is a small pipe with speakers on each side that has a dock for all your iPods. It will run on a power cord, batteries OR as the Double Agent it will have built in batteries that with one-hour charge will give you five hours of music.

During 2008 all our previous models will be compatible with the iPhone and our Full Metal Jacket set has also been made in three colours that will work as a hands free for the iPhone.

The Range*

Full Metal Jacket: A series of high-end aluminum ear plugs. These tiny rascals are found with 11mm drivers which make the sound quality awesome! Besides this, they are made in all the Ipod colors.

Smoking Buds: Why change a winning concept? With Smoking Buds Skullcandy has not. We’ve just added a few more colors. What do you say about Rasta, Hazardous black/yellow or all black rubberized design…

Ink’d: To cover the complete price spectrum Skullcandy introduced the price point ear bud Ink’d in 2007. Even though it’s found in the low price segment Ink’d still has 11mm drivers that delivers awesome sound. Ink’d is, as all our other products, also found in a whole mess of colours, just choose your poison…

Icon / Recruit: A popular light weight headphone that in 2007 became developed into a new generation. Each package contains one extra pair of replaceable shells. In no time flat, one can change the appearance of the favorite Icon or Recruit.

Lowrider: The lowrider has become a favorite . In more than 15 colous everyone will find their own pick. Skullcandy team rider, Mark Frank Montoya, has even choosen a Lowrider to carry his name.

Hesh: With impressive 50mm drivers and an affordable price, Hesh is a really great headphone. The series is now up to 5 colors which includes zebra striped, all over printed and full coloured models.

G.I.: Besides the favourite Jamaican inspired rasta coloured headphone, the Gi line is increased with three more core models to arm yourselves with, and we like it!

T.I.: If you want heads to turn, pimps to drop jaws and your awesome self to get blinged out, check the TI line this year. Snakeskin with a diamond, all gold (and we mean ALL gold) and even a brazilian coloured model is found. Besides these three core colours there are five more, and we still have the cool fur ones also.

Crusher: The headphone that started it all! Crusher is what it sounds like. Battery driven subwoofers that truly gives you that enourmus bass to crush your skull with.

SK PRO: Attention formarly dominant headphone brands: The SK PRO has taken over as the headphone of choice for worthy DJs around the world, both current and future. Take heart, though – we concede the past to you. And no one can take away your memories.

*This is the range as we speak. The other news and some of the colours mentioned above will be added during 2008.

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